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Sanitary mini ball valve

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Sanitary mini ball valve

Mini ball valve is suitable for PN 1.0~4.0MPa, working temperature is-29℃ to 180℃(These sealing ring is reinforced polytetraiuoroethylene) or-29~300℃(the sealing ring is Para-polyphenylene) is used to cut of for connect the medium in the pipeline. Stainless Steel Mini Ball vaves are made for use in confinedspaces. With a pressure rating of (PN63)800 psi(water, oil or gas)and made out of SS316 or ss304. The valves areavailable in FxF,MxF and MxM connection types, and in sizesfrom 1/8" to 1".Threaded type available of NPT/BSPP/BSPT.Mini ball valve is made of stainless steel , and has a lever handle foron/off manual control. Different materials are selected, which can be respectively applied to air, water, steam,  oil, acetic acid or inertgas.

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