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Mixproof Double Seat Valves

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Mixproof Double Seat Valves

Our mixproof valve ensures safe and efficient flow management. Its double-seat design minimizes the risk of product contamination and guarantees spillage-free operation. The valve incorporates double lip seals for added protection and operates in a safe and hygienic manner. Maintenance is made easy and fast with the top-loaded design, and the valve does not require any adjustable components. It also features built-in leakage detection on all seals for peace of mind. In terms of cost-effectiveness.

Mixproof double seat valve is a series of physical and functional improvements that aim to enhance performance, extend durability and reduce the environmental impact.

Some internal and external aspects of the actuators have been redesigned to achieve that objective. Externally, the manufacturing has been streamlined with the aim of simplifying both assembly and maintenance.

The number of actuator variants has been reduced from 10 to 3 due to a new system of lanterns, which now have a measurement for each valve size and specific measurements for DIN and OD.

These lanterns have been redesigned by both reducing the number of screws required to assemble them and and also their size.

Internally, one of the piston’s runs has been significantly shortened, with the aim of reducing air consumption and shortening the lower seat’s opening and closing response time.

The springs have also been improved, extending their durability, and all dynamic seals are now of the “quad-ring” type.

he housings are made of one machined piece, with the aim of improving the structure and maintenance of valves in the manifolds.

The geometry of the seats and shafts has been redesigned to reduce the discharge of the cleaning product.

The upper and lower shafts open during CIP processes to clean the seals and internal part of the shaft, leading to a small amount of cleaning product flowing out, which is normally collected in the manifold tray. There are two reasons for reducing this amount of product to a minimum: product savings and pollution reduction。

Mixproof double seat valves

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