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Manufacturer of Sanitary Aseptic Sampling Valve SS304/316L

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Manufacturer of Sanitary Aseptic Sampling Valve SS304/316L

The aseptic sampling valve is a special valve used for disinfection and sterilization before and after each sampling operation

The structure of aseptic sampling valve mainly includes sealing rubber sleeve, sample storage cavity, sampling port, stainless steel thimble, spring, thimble cannula, manual rotary handle (the difference between automatic aseptic sampling valve and manual is whether pneumatic device is used, the basic principle In the same way, aseptic sampling valves are normally equipped with sampling port seals of appropriate size).

Its basic working principle is that when it is in the closed state, the thimble is pushed by spring tension or other pressure, and the sealant head is pressed against the opening of the tank wall by the thimble to achieve the sealing effect. If sampling is required, steam or other sterilizing medium is introduced from one of the sampling ports, and the entire sample storage cavity is filled with steam and exported from the other sampling port. After a certain period of time, the sample storage cavity and the sampling port are sterile. status. Then, by twisting the handle, contracting the spring and relaxing the thimble, the sealant head is separated from the opening on the tank wall, so that the sample flows out of the tank through the sample chamber and is collected from the sampling port. After sampling, turn the handle to relax the spring, and press the sealant head against the opening of the tank wall through the thimble again.

The application media of the aseptic sampling valve are cold wort, fermentation broth, yeast mud, deoxygenated water, sake, sterile water, etc.

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