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Food Grade Sanitary Pressure Relief Valve for Beverage

The valve is used in pressure vessel piping systems.This valve has two functions,when the pressure is higher than the set pressure (standard 1 bar) can exhaust,whereas closed,while vacuum pressure(standard 0.1 bar)when the valve opens automatically ,to ensure the safety of the equipment and related instrumentation protection ,at the same time can also meet the demand in all kind of protection process ,the valve in stainless steel material,health design,content with all sorts of food processing ,beverage and pharmaceutical and other industries.
  • SV5003

Operating Principles

Sanitary pressure relief and vacum valve is our another main product we provide pressure fixed and adjustable type.

Tank Pressure and Vacuum Valve is designed to protect stainless tank working in safety. 

From pressure side, when the valve is normally closed andtank pressure exceeds the rated pressure on the outsideof valve, 

the valve automatically opens and vents air toatmosphere. 

From vacuum side, when the valve isnormally closed and there is vacuum in tank, 

the vacuum piston inside the valve opens automaticallyand draws air into the tank.

In return, this keeps the pressure inside and outside the tank balanced.

Technical Specification

Working Pressure: 14.5psi/ 1bar (standard), could be pre-set before production

Temperature range: medium


Body Materials: SS304 or SS316L

Gasket:EPDM,VITON according to FDA

O-Ring:EPDM,VITON according to FDA

Standard Design

  • Available in size: 1"-2.5" or DN25-DN65

  • Installation: supposed to be installed overhead tanks

  • Standard: DIN, SMS, ISO / IDF, BS / RJT, ASME / BPE

  • Connection: butt-welded, clamp, or other's upon request

New Type Male Vacuum Valve Applicable Occacions

new type pressure vacuum valve applicable occasions

drawing of new type vacuum valve

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