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Electric Sanitary Lobe Pump with Hand Trolley Protect Cover and VFD Frequency Coverter

Rotary Lobe Pump is a positive displacement pump of a sanitary design suitable for use in the dairies, food-processing, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries. This rotary lobe pump is perfect for managing all kinds of fluid, of either low or high viscosity, as well as for filtering and bottling applications. Products containing fragile solids can be pumped without damage thanks to the specially designed lobes.

Operating Principles

The cam-type double-rotor pump is a multi-purpose two-way displacement pump manufactured with advanced technology.

The professional manufacturing technology and manufacturing precision of the product have reached the international 

advanced level. This product adopts two synchronously rotating rotors,which are driven by a pair of synchronous gears in

the box.The rotors are driven by the main and auxiliary shafts to rotate synchronously in opposite directions to change 

the volume of the pump,thus forming a higher vacuum.The temperature and discharge pressure are especially suitable

for the transportation of sanitary media and corrosive high-viscosity media.Cam rotor pumps are divided into two major

series: sanitary grade and corrosion-resistant type according to manufacturing standards; in terms of structure, they are

divided into two categories:high pressure and high viscosity and high pressure and low viscosity.The core components

and sealing device of the product are manufactured with different materials and different sealing forms according to the

different characteristics of different media,which improves the professional conveying performance of the product.Cam

rotor pumps are widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental 

protection,papermaking, chemical fiber, paint, metallurgy, oilfield and other industries.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range:-20~+120℃(EPDM)

Voltage Range: AC 220V, 380V, 460V, 690V, 50HZ, 60HZ


Materials: AISI-304 or AISI-316L

O ring Material: FPM/Silicon/Tetrafluorine/EPDM/PTFE

Mechanical seal material: AISI-304 / AISI-316L

Standard Design


End Connections: Clamp, Union, Butt-weld, or others upon request

Working Principle of Sanitary Rotor Pump


Exploded View of Lobe Pump


Rotor Vane Quantity Selection Reference


Drving Configuration for Lobe Pump



lobe pump

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